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Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Some tips from if plan on starting your own business.

2020/2021 is the year to get out of you way.

The First D: Founder Development​

The average entrepreneur fails 3.7 times before achieving business success, which means an entrepreneur must constantly evolve and advance not only their business, but more importantly themselves as an entrepreneur, so that they are better equipped for their current or future ventures.


  • For those looking to assess their business concept we recommend this resource on What Makes a Great Business Idea?

  • To ensure the entrepreneurs of the business have addressed major conflicts that could arise in building their business we recommend reviewing collectively the 11 Tough Questions for Co-Founders and Business Partners (.doc)

  • For those that are thinking about naming or re-naming their business, product or service take a look at these tips: Deciding on a Name (.doc)

  • Business leaders of all types looking to evolve their thinking should add these books to their Reading List (.doc)

  • ​It is important to understand where you and your business fit into the landscape of entrepreneurship by reading this document on the Types of Entrepreneurship (.doc) written by our partners Jumpstart Inc.

  • Entrepreneurs need to be effective communicators in a variety of settings and nothing is better than Power of Storytelling

  • ​It is important to be prepared for the journey ahead and we encourage you to look at Things to Think About When Getting Started (.docx)

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