Covid 19 Check List

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Create a plan to safely bring employees back to work. This will require a thoughtful strategy, preparation and changes to your work environment as well as workforce management practices.

  • Consider which employees can or should continue to work remotely by the job, location, etc. Make sure all decisions related to remote work are neutral and job-related, and not based on protected characteristics, such as age, race, pregnancy or other factors unrelated to the job. Items to think about:

  • Continue to allow remote work where possible to keep employees safe.

  • Consider staggering weeks in office and at home among team members, or part-time remote work on alternate workdays.

  • Evaluate and update technology to continue to support both onsite as well as remote workforce.

  • Review pros and cons, as well as the long-term cost savings or other effects, of offering permanent remote work.

  • Be sure to partner with your employee relations and legal department to review and avoid any potential discriminatory practices.

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