Cheri Dove



Committed to Excellence

Setting goals and going beyond the expected outcome is what I strive to do. Coaching others to achieve their goals is a passion I maintain. Providing a great customer experience is what sets companies apart from the others. Helping you deliver excellent customer service with the best customer experience is what I do.


I have an extensive background in Human Resources and Management experience. My Specialties are: Employee Relations, Compliance, Training, Policy Development, Performance Management, including a strong and successful background in the following areas:

  • Customer Service

  • Leadership Development Training

  • Safety and Risk Management

Tapping into my "artistic side," I can unleash other people's creative energy by communicating the vision and using my organization, problem-solving and, adaptability skills.  Cheri has 25+ years of Human Resources, Leadership, Corporate Management, Safety Compliance, and Customer Service experience while working at Nordstrom. She understands how vital the customer/client is in today's world. She understands providing exceptional customer service is the foundation of a great business partnership.  

Are you ready to start building!